Family Therapy Services in West Hollywood, CA

Anytime someone in your family goes through something difficult, their struggles affect everyone else in the family as well. And while the struggling family member may already see a counselor, you should also consider enrolling the rest of the family in counseling.

Joseph Contorer provides family therapy services in the West Hollywood, CA, area. As a licensed marriage and family therapist, he can help your family through whatever hardship you face.


When Should My Family Consider Family Therapy?

Family therapy can help in a variety of situations, including the following:

  • When a family member faces severe health challenges, whether physical or mental
  • When a family member struggles with addiction
  • When the family is healing from trauma, such as an unexpected death or a natural disaster
  • When a major change occurs, such as a move, the loss of a job, or a divorce
  • When the family regularly experiences conflict between parents, parents and children, or siblings

In general, you should consider family therapy any time you feel that your family needs greater unity or help healing. Family therapy also helps families create a supportive home environment for the struggling individual, so it’s beneficial even if only one member of the family is seeking healing.


How Can Family Therapy Help My Family?

Family therapy helps families in many ways, including:

  • Helps all family members understand a specific family member’s struggles
  • Provides family members with resources and strategies to help other members of their family and offer them love and support
  • Teaches conflict-management skills to help create a more positive home environment
  • Helps family members process emotions and overcome trauma

These are just a few examples of how family therapy can help families through difficult times. Therapy of any kind provides many benefits, and family therapy is no different.


How Can I Schedule a Family Therapy Appointment?

If you think your family could benefit from family therapy, get in touch with Joseph Contorer by calling 310-486-0087. You can also email